Current activities

Summer Academy Saas-Fee 2017

The International Academy of Arts is announcing its latest edition of the Summer Academy, comprising of Master Classes, the 7th International Solo Violin Competition and the new Academy Awards Competition.  The professors this year are Sung-Ju Lee, Tatiana Samouil, Dan Li, Hye-Woon Cho, Marianne Chen, Eliane Rodrigues, Qiang Zhang, Ludwig Albert and Dirk Verelst.

Past activities

Musical Summer Malaga 2016

Our Musical Summer in Malaga has come to an end.  The master classes for violin, viola, flute, piano, fortepiano, marimba and chamber music were held by professors Sung-Ju Lee, Tatiana Samouil, Hye-Woon Cho, Eliane Rodrigues, Takashi Shimizu, Máté Szücs, Berten D'Hollander, Antonio Simón, Ludwig Albert and Dirk Verelst.

The prize winners of the 6th International Solo Violin Competition are Semi Hong (Korea), Issei Kurihara (Japan) and Dam Choi (Korea).